Evolution of the English Language

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Evolution of the English Language by Mind Map: Evolution of the English Language

1. Anglo Saxon

1.1. Roman settlement did not leave their Latin language behind, while the Anglo Saxon language had more simple and everyday words and was therefore used.

1.2. Named days of the week after Anglo Saxon gods. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

1.3. Christianity missionaries arrived, Christianity was adopted and introduced many Latin based words to the language.

1.4. Vikings brought more action words.

2. Norman Conquest

2.1. William the Conqueror's invasion brought new concepts such as the French language and the Doomsday book.

2.2. Latin was used at church, but the peasants were not able to learn or understand it.

3. Shakespeare

3.1. William Shakespeare himself invented many new words

3.2. His poetry showed the world that English was a rich language.

4. King James Bible

4.1. New translation of the Bible

4.2. New language was understood by the poor as well.

4.3. Brought a whole glossary of metaphor and morality.

5. English of Science

5.1. Initially scientists worked in Latin, but then moved back to English which they all understood better

5.2. Had to make new words for the discoveries they made with science.

6. English and Empire

6.1. English went international through Colonialism

6.2. Discovered many new things, and with those things the words for them.

6.3. New varieties of English developed all over the globe.

7. The Age of the Dictionary

7.1. Everyone spelled words differently, so the dictionary united it all under one common way.

7.2. Words still kept being invented

7.3. In 1928 the Oxford Dictionary was created, and continued to add new words throughout time.

8. American English

8.1. Similar to Colonialism, the discovery of new things lead to the creation of more words.

8.2. America spread the language of Capitalism.

8.3. American English drifted back across to Europe.

8.4. America even kept some of the older forgotten English words while the British moved on.

9. Internet English

9.1. Language reverted to typing.

9.2. First email was sent in 1972.

9.3. The Internet arrived in 1991

9.4. Combined words from over 350 languages.

9.5. Now 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide of which, ¼ are native speakers, ¼ speak it as a second language and ½ know basic enough English to ask where the pool is.