Tools for Designing Multimedia

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Tools for Designing Multimedia by Mind Map: Tools for Designing Multimedia

1. Hardware

1.1. Computer

1.1.1. Windows or Mac?

1.1.2. CPU Suitable processor? i7 / which generation i5 How about RAM? 2GB 4GB Dedicated graphic card

1.1.3. Speakers

1.1.4. Microphone

1.1.5. Monitor

1.2. Smartphone

1.2.1. Android or iOS?

1.2.2. Which model?

1.2.3. RAM?

1.2.4. Camera

1.2.5. Microphone

2. Software

2.1. Computer

2.1.1. Presentation MS Powerpoint Keynote

2.1.2. Text MS Word Notepad

2.1.3. Image Adobe Photoshop GIMP* Corel PaintShop Pro Raster/Bitmap vs Vector What are the formats for these two... Definition of image resolution?

2.1.4. Sound Audacity* Adobe Audition Soundforge

2.1.5. Animation Adobe Animate Toon Boom Pencil2D*

2.1.6. Video Adobe Premiere Pro Video Editing Adobe After Effects Motion Graphic VFX Sony Vegas Pro Movie Maker iMovie OpenShot*

2.2. Web-based

2.2.1. Presentation Prezi Google Slides Slideshare Mindmeister

2.2.2. Text Google Docs Evernote

2.2.3. Image Pixlr Picasa

2.2.4. Sound Soundation Youtube Video Editor

2.2.5. Animation Powtoon Rawshorts Animaker

2.2.6. Video

2.3. Smartphone

2.3.1. Presentation Keynote Powerpoint Google Slide

2.3.2. Text Google Docs Evernote MS Word

2.3.3. Image Snapseed VSCO Instagram Photo Editor

2.3.4. Sound

2.3.5. Animation

2.3.6. Video Filmora Quik iMovie Power Director