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ATTC book 3 by Mind Map: ATTC book 3

1. Chapter 1: In Secret

1.1. Darnay: returns to France to help Gabelle the Evrémonde's servant. When Darnay arrives in Paris the revolutionaries imprison him at La Force for being of aristocracy blood and a emigrant. Darnay disagrees with the dicsion to imprison him.

1.1.1. "I demand no more than the opportunity to do so without delay. Is not that my right?’ ‘Emigrants have no rights, Evremonde,’ was the stolid reply.

1.1.2. "Without doubt. You are consigned, Evremonde, to the prison of La Force." "Emigrant, my friends! Do you not see me here, in France, of my own will?" Madame Defarge

1.2. Defarge: Charles asks the Defarge's for help but they refuse.

2. Chapter 2: The Grindstone

2.1. Lucie Manette: She and Dr. Manette arrive in Paris after receiving the news about Charles being imprisoned at La Force. At Tellsons bank they inform Mr. Lorry of Darnay's situation.

2.1.1. La Force "Has been here some days—three or four—I don’t know how many— I can’t collect my thoughts. An errand of generosity brought him here unknown to us; he was stopped at the barrier, and sent to prison." "My dear friend, I have a charmed life in this city. I have been a Bastille prisoner. There is no patriot in Paris—in Paris? In France who, knowing me to have been a prisoner in the Bastille, would touch me, except to overwhelm me with embraces, or carry me in triumph."

2.2. Dr. Manette: He believes he can use his power as former prisoner the get Darnay out of La Force. While Dr. Mannete and Lorry have a private conversation they see a mob outside sharpening their weapons on a grindstone. Dr. Manette runs out and asks for help to release Darnay

3. Chapter 3: The Shadow

3.1. Mr. Lorry: He is worried about Lucie's arrival which might compromise the bank. He takes Lucie, her daughter and Mrs. Pross to a near by house. Defarge meets Mr. Lorry at Tellosn's and wished to see Lucie to give her a letter.

3.1.1. Madame Defarge: She wants to Lucie and little Lucie to give a letter from Darnay. Lucie begs Defarge to help get Darnay out of La Force but Defarge refuses. "To this lodging he at once removed Lucie and her child, and Miss Pross: giving them what comfort he could, and much more than he had himself." ‘For my sake, then, be merciful to my husband. For my child’s sake! She will put her hands together and pray you to be merciful. We are more afraid of you than of these others.’

3.2. Letter

4. Chapter 5: The Wood-sawyer

4.1. Carmagnole

4.1.1. Lucie: Dr. Manette tells lucie that Darnay is able to see her through a window but only for a certain amount of time. While she is standing she sees a wood-sawyer. The man tells her that he is making a little Guillotine hinting to the death of Darnay. All of a sudden a mob of people preform an odd dance which is scares Lucie after the dance she sees her father who comforts her.

4.1.2. "Ah! But it’s not my business. My work is my business. See my saw! I call it my Little Guillotine. La, la, la; La, la, la! And off his head comes!" "The maidenly bosom bared to this, the pretty almost-child’s head thus distracted, the delicate foot mincing in this slough of blood and dirt, were types of the disjointed time."

5. Chapter 6: Triumph

5.1. Darnay: He is at his trial and testify's which proves that he had severed all his ties to the Evremonde's and that he disproves of the actions from his family members. After his testimony the jury acquit Charles.

5.1.1. Dr. Manette: Manette tells the jury pf the amazing things he has done in England he also says that Charles had not emigrated from France but from his family name. In fact he was teaching about French culture and French to the people of England. "He had not returned sooner, he replied, simply because he had no means of living in France, save those he had resigned; whereas, in England, he lived by giving instruction in the French language and literature. He had returned when he did, on the pressing and written entreaty of a French citizen, who represented that his life was endangered by his absence."

5.1.2. Trial

6. Chapter 7: A knock at the door

6.1. Darnay: The morning after being acquitted there is a knock at the door and soldiers there are waiting at the door. They had received two anonymous message of proof that Charles was guilty of emigrating. Darnay askes who the accuser was. The soldier tells Darnay that it had been the Defarge's.

6.1.1. Soldiers

7. Chapter 10: The substance of the shadow

7.1. Madame Defarge: While Dr. Mannete was in the Bastille he had written a letter that was about Madame Defagre and her family. The Evremonde brothers had raped a young woman, murdered her husband and stabbed her brother who had died a little later. The only who had survived was the young woman's sister who had turned to be Madame Defarge. Which leads the readers to believe that is were she gets her vengeance from. The court receive the letter and Charles is sentenced to death.

7.1.1. Madame Defarge "There was nothing in this action to attract my particular attention, for I had seen common people struck more commonly than dogs. But, the other of the two, being angry likewise, struck the man in like manner with his arm; the look and bearing of the brothers were then so exactly alike, that I then first perceived them to be twin brothers."

8. Chapter 9: The Game Made

8.1. Mr. Lorry: Lorry finds out about what Cruncher does after leaving Tellson's bank which is grave digging. He then tells Cruncher that he will get his job after retiring.

8.2. Sydney Carton: Sydney used to be an ambitious young man but when his parents passed away he fell a dark hole of despair. While on a walk he has the realization that he is the resurrection of "God" and can change the course of another persons life.

8.2.1. Jerry Cruncher “I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me, shall never die.”

9. Chapter 8: A hand at cards

9.1. Sydney Carton: He finds out from Jerry that Solomon Ms. Pross's is the spy that accused Darnay of treason. Carton tells Mr.. Lorry and Jerry about his plan to save Charles. Since Carton is Darnay's doopleganger they will trade places which would end up in the death of Carton.

9.1.1. The plan "Barsad,’ said another voice, striking in. ‘That’s the name for a thousand pound!’ cried Jerry. The speaker who struck in, was Sydney Carton."