ATTC Timeline Book 3

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ATTC Timeline Book 3 by Mind Map: ATTC Timeline Book 3

1. Chapter 2

1.1. Lucie discovers that Charles is in "La Force" prison

1.2. Dr. Manette decides to prove that Charles is innocent

1.2.1. La Force

1.3. '"Save the prisoner at La Force"'

2. Chapter 1

2.1. Charles is taken to Paris

2.2. The Defarges know that Charles is related to the Marquis St. Evrémonde and that he is the current Marquis

2.3. "the city changed to this extent--that is still rolled in like muffled drum,but with the wail of voices that he knew, in the swell that rose above them "

3. Chapter 3

3.1. Lucie looks to Madam Defarge for help to save her husband

3.2. Madam Defrge sees Lucie as a traitor to the revolution

3.3. Mr.Lorry trie s to convice Madam Defarge to help Lucie but she doesn't want to help

3.4. "what is this despondency in the brave little breast? A shadow indeed! No substance in it, Lucie "

4. Chapter 5

4.1. Lucie is tormented from the idea of her husband dying from the woodcutter

4.2. Lucie is pretending that Charles will return even when she knows that he will not

4.3. Lucie would wait in one spot waiting just to see Charles

4.3.1. Lucie waiting for Charles

4.4. "Liberty, equality, fraternity, or death"

4.5. Charles is going on trial the next day

5. Chapter 6

5.1. Charles is put up for trial with the crowd encouraging his fate

5.2. The Defarges were at the trial

5.3. Dr. Manette and Mr. Lorry were not part of the tribunal

5.3.1. The Trial

5.4. Dr. Manette defended Charles by giving reasons such as reading the letter and going to France to save a life

5.5. Charles was acquitted and was returned to his family

5.6. "And all of us have like wonders hidden in our breasts, only needing circumstances to evoke them"

5.7. "he might have thought that the usual order of things was reversed, and that the felons were trying the honest men"

6. Chapter 7

6.1. "He had accomplished the task he had set himself, his promise was redeemed, he had saved Charles" (Dr. Manette )

6.2. A law was created to write the names of everyone in the house on the door/post

6.3. Everyone including the Manette’s had to keep to themselves

6.4. Miss Pross and Jerry Cruncher have been shopping by buying things from different shops all around

6.5. Dr. Manette wants to stay in Paris for a few days to avoid suspicion

6.6. Soldiers come for Darnay since the Defarges have a case against him

6.7. '“I have saved him.”'

7. Chapter 8

7.1. Miss Pross sees Solomon and makes a scene

7.2. Solomon stole her money and abandoned her

7.2.1. Soloman was Barsad

7.3. Sydney comes and wants to talk to Barsad at the bank

7.4. Sydney brings Barsad to Mr. Lorry and they create a plan

7.4.1. Barsad has access to the prison

7.5. "No man’s life here is worth purchase"

8. Chapter 9

8.1. Mr. Lorry discovers that Jerry was doing an illegal job and wants to fire him

8.2. Jerry compares what he does to what others do and says its not as bad

8.3. Mr. Lorry asks Sydney what deal he made with Barsad and he made sure that Charles is able to have a visitor

8.4. Sydney goes and buys drugs that are fatal

8.5. Carton walks through the streets and thinks about his childhood as an orphan

8.6. During the trial Dr. Manette's name is called even though he didn't have a case against him

8.7. A letter was found in Dr. Manette’s cell and that was the reason for his name to be called

8.8. "And wot little a man did get, would never prosper with him, Mr. Lorry. He’d never have no good of it"

9. Chapter 10

9.1. They read Dr. Manette's letter

9.2. In the letter he recounts why he got arrested

9.3. Two brothers take him in a carriage

9.4. Dr. Manette goes to a house where there is a brother and sister

9.5. The girl is acting very crazy and the brother was stabbed

9.5.1. the two brothers killed the husband of the girl

9.6. The brother explains that his sister was taken away and he met with the noblemen and was stabbed

9.6.1. The boy dies from his wounds He curses the Marquis

9.7. The girl is pregnant but then later dies and Dr. Manette gets to return home

9.8. The wife of the Marquis left him and ran away to take care of his son on her own

9.9. A servant tells Dr. Manette that a person is at a gate

9.10. The Marquis takes Dr. Manette in a carriage and burns his letter to the State about the situation and then takes him to prison

9.10.1. Dr. Manette in Prison

9.11. They later vote to hang Charles