Youth Affected by Substance Abuse

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Youth Affected by Substance Abuse by Mind Map: Youth Affected by Substance Abuse

1. Abuse and Neglect

1.1. "Alcohol and drug abuse in carers are important risk-factors for recurrent child maltreatment after accounting for other known risk factors; the increased risk appears to be similar between alcohol and drug abuse." (Laslett, 2012)

1.2. "Parents who use drugs in areas with greater availability of drugs reported more physical abuse and physical neglect." (Freisthler, 2017)

2. Health Disparities

2.1. "Research has long shown that the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs is the single most serious health problem in the United States." (Wood, 2001)

2.2. "Physical illnesses frequently co-occur with depression and substance use disorders and may impact their improvement." (Cui, et all. 2015)

3. Post-traumatic Growth

3.1. "Childhood abuse and neglect have been linked with alcohol disorders in adulthood yet less is known about the potential of early trauma to influence transitions in stages of alcohol involvement among women." (La Flaire, et all., 2013)

4. Social Factors

4.1. "Research suggests that children raised in supportive, affectionate and accepting home environment are less likely to become socially deviant. Consequently children rejected by parents are among the most likely to become delinquent." (Sharma, 2015)

4.2. "Findings show that there is a relationship between youth substance use and social capital. While peer influence is positively correlated with substance use, family attachment and youth activities have a negative relationship with substance use." (Unlu, 2015)

5. Preventions

5.1. "Norms regarding substance use, gender, ethnic identity and environmental accessibility were possibly related to overall program success." (Gewin, 2016)

5.2. "During the past few decades there has been a significant advance in prevention science that has led to the development of international prevention standards and globally accepted evidence-based interventions (for substance abuse)" (Renstrom, 2017)

6. Risk of Exposure

6.1. "Childhood trauma is frequently reported by those who were exposed to substance abuse."(Konstenius, et all., 2016)

6.2. "Parent self-report and case manager ratings of family functioning found that parents affected by substance abuse fared worse in domains related to socioeconomics, parental trauma, parental mental health, and social supports when compared to families without parental substance abuse."(Akin, et all., 2015)