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My Purpose by Mind Map: My Purpose

1. 1.) Skills

1.1. Recognize your skills

1.1.1. Do you know what energizes you I'm good at speaking my mind and standing up for the little guy, as well as calling out bull.

1.1.2. Do you know what you are good at? I'm good at noticing things, watching, and figuring out people.

1.1.3. Do you know what you prefer doing? I prefer doing my own thing, being my own boss. I prefer to help people out, and prefer to make the world better.

1.2. Utilize your skills

1.2.1. Are you stagnating? No, I'm getting a degree and learning what I want to do.

1.2.2. Are you challenging yourself? Yes, I'm trying to get over fears, such as asking and answering questions, and public speaking.

1.2.3. Are you only working for the money? Right now, yes. But I don't want to forever. I want to be happy.

2. 4.) Implementing

2.1. Live life to the fullest

2.1.1. Are you living within your values? Yes, I'm trying to.

2.1.2. Are you using your potential NOW? Yes, I'm doing my best and keeping up as best I can.

2.1.3. Are you living with purpose? Yes I am, because years ago I didn't even think I'd get this far.

2.1.4. Are you waiting for the lottery? No, I'm trying to make things happen now.

2.2. Set active goals

2.2.1. Do you have something to strive for? Yes, my future.

2.2.2. Do your goals inspire you? Yes, I want to be successful.

2.2.3. Do you have goals relating to your purpose? Yes, to be happy and make a difference.

3. 3.) Principles

3.1. Take some risks

3.1.1. Do you have the courage to be yourself? Yes, I am not ashamed of me.

3.1.2. Do you believe in yourself? Yes, I believe I can do anything.

3.2. Find meaning & purpose

3.2.1. Do you feel a sense of meaning and purpose? Yes, by helping others.

3.2.2. Do you align with the correct people? Not all the time.

3.2.3. Do you have a purpose bigger than you? Yes, I really believe I do. I want one bigger than me.

3.3. Live your own philosophy

3.3.1. Do you need approval of others? I don't need anyone's approval.

3.3.2. Are you living other people's values? No, I'm not. I'm living my own values.

3.3.3. Do you have your own philosophy of life? Yes, just do what makes you happy as long as it doesn't infringe on others lives or safety.

4. "All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall."- The Three Muskateers.

5. 2.) Passion

5.1. Find your passion

5.1.1. Do you have self awareness? A bit, yes. I know who I am. I know my feelings and desires.

5.1.2. Do you care about something? I care about my family, happiness, and future.

5.1.3. Are you burdened by a sense of duty? Yes, by minimum wage corporate America job.

5.2. Become enthusuastic

5.2.1. Are you committed? Yes, I'm committed to doing better for myself.

5.2.2. Is your purpose bigger than you? Yes, I want my purpose to be saving the world. Or a world.

5.3. Make a difference

5.3.1. Are you making a difference to the world? Not right now, but I will.

5.3.2. Is your work meaningful? Not right now, but it will be.

6. This is what I do for fun and it makes me happy.

7. I play video games for fun

8. Another strong and independent fictional woman that saves the world.