Decoding Silicon Valley - Michelle Messina

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Decoding Silicon Valley - Michelle Messina by Mind Map: Decoding Silicon Valley - Michelle Messina

1. start up a are fragile

1.1. 90 % fail

1.2. due of suicide not homocide

2. unique ecosystem

2.1. changes are constant

2.2. how do we get to where we wanna be

2.3. diversity is an important asset

2.4. network is the most imoortant

2.4.1. how to get the customers

2.5. mentors and advisors are essencial

2.6. lots of hardwork

2.7. New Topic license to experiment until you success or fail

2.8. socialize ideas

2.9. follow no one

2.9.1. disrupt

2.9.2. break

2.9.3. chart new territories

2.10. we love a big vision

2.11. organized for speed and intensity

2.12. ignore gravity

2.13. global vision from day one

3. ideas are heap. execution is priceless

4. extreme uncertain te is n ormal

4.1. rarely just one option

5. money usually the last thing you need

5.1. fundraising is full time job