Customer support

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Customer support by Mind Map: Customer support

1. Traditional

1.1. The customer reach out when they have issues and has to wait occasionally

1.2. Customer to Service provided -one on one approach

1.2.1. New node

1.3. Outreach is limited

1.4. Not Beneficial for marketing

1.5. Awareness can be increased to a limited level

1.6. It requires a streamlined process compared to social customer care

1.7. Harder to assess the user opinion one by one

2. Social

2.1. The customers barely wait and can raise their concerns online instantly

2.2. Customer can serve themselves by looking at previously answered queries -Community based approach

2.3. Outreach is exponential comparatively

2.4. Beneficial for marketing

2.5. Great extend of awareness can be created

2.6. Lets the product team in sync with the tickets generated for the support team

2.7. Easier to measure the opinions about the brand