World religions

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World religions by Mind Map: World religions

1. Judaism

2. Hinduism

3. Taoism

4. Polytheistic

5. The vedas is the sacred book for Hindusim

6. Every Hindu has an Atman or , the essential self

7. The Brahman is the supream force of the univese limitless and infinite

8. Ultimate goal for a Hindu is to achieve Moksha

9. Core beliefs for Hinduism include Brahman is Truth and Reality The Vedas are the ultimate authority

10. Haridwar, Ayodhya are some important places

11. Must follow your Dharma to get good Karma in order to break out of Samsara

12. Worlds 3rd largest religion

13. Hinduism is the oldest religion dating back more than 30,000 years ago

14. Moses was the prophet for Judaism

15. Yahweh is the most important god for the Jews or Israelites.

16. Jerusalem Biblical Mount Sinai Israel is a sacred place

17. Monotheistic

18. share common belief with Christianity and Islam that Abraham was the first person to worship god

19. Received the original 10 commandments from god

20. Core beliefs for Judaism include following the 10 commandments and staying loyal to God.

21. The universe is framed in Love, requires justice of human beings.

22. The Analects is a sacred literature for Confucianism

23. Famous quote: "Go with the flow"

24. Nature is a force to me reckoned with and you should respect it

25. Laozi may have been the teacher of Confucius

26. Non theistic

27. Tao Ti Ching was the sacred book for taoism

28. Mount Tai, Shandong Province is an important place

29. Belief that humans should let nature take its course

30. Laozi founded Taoism

31. Man should follow the rules of nature

32. Main symbol being the Yang

33. Buddhism

34. Ending the want for anything will end suffering

35. Nirvana is achieved through Meditation

36. 4 noble truths of Buddhism and suffering

37. Siddhartha Gautama

38. Belief that all life is sacred and pure

39. Siddhartha Gautama was named the "Buddha"

40. Originally started in India and grew from then on

41. Nontheistic

42. Lumbini. Bodh Gaya are notable places for Buddhism

43. Coined the term "Nirvana" which is the point at which you want nothing

44. Christianity

45. Islam

46. Confucianism

47. Was the foundation religion that founded Christianity.

48. Torah was the holy book for Judaism

49. The Bible is the most sacred text for Christians

50. Jesus was the messiah for Christianity

51. Contrary to most, Easter is the most important Holiday to Christians

52. Belived that Jesus's blood payed for the sins of all Christians

53. The Bible consists more stories of Jesus than commandments

54. Shared the same prophets, ideas and origins as Judaism and Christianity

55. Had many crusades with the rival religion Christianity

56. Monotheistic

57. Battle of Tours was a key battle that could of changed history

58. Belife in Allah as the only god

59. All Muslims must follow the five pillars of faith to remain loyal

60. Most important Mosque n the world for Islams is held in Mecca the holy city

61. The Qu'ran is a holy book for islam

62. Mohammed was the main prophet for islam

63. Mecca is a holy city for islam

64. Belief in God the Father, Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit

65. In currently the world most followed religion

66. Monotheistic

67. Christianity built off of Judaism into its own religion

68. Jerusalem and Bethlehem are important places

69. Emphasis on education

70. Confucian temple in Qufu in Shandong Province is an important place

71. Celebrate Confucius birthday and the Ching Ming festival

72. Non theistic

73. The 5 princible relationships are important to confucianism

74. Confucius founded Confucianism

75. Accept the Yin Yang as their symbol aswell

76. Some historians say that Confucius, the founder for Confucianism was once a student of Laozi

77. Belief that you must respect those above you in status, gender and age