A Tale of Two Cities - Book 3

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A Tale of Two Cities - Book 3 by Mind Map: A Tale of Two Cities - Book 3

1. Chapter 7 - Manette is happy, having saved Darnay's life, but Lucie is still worries about her husband. Darnay is re-arrested because of the accusations made by Defarge and one other.

2. Chapter 1 - Charles Darnay is imprisoned in La Force due to the fact that he is an emigrant. Upon arrival, he feels like he entered a world of dead.

3. Chapter 2 - Lucie and Dr. Manette travel to Tellson's Bank and find Mr. Lorry. They then inform him that Darnay is imprisoned in La Force.

3.1. Dr. Manett is confident he can use his standing as a one time prisoner to help out Darnay.

4. Chapter 3 - Mr. Lorry moves Lucie and her daughter to a nearby apartment. Defarge arrives at Tellson's with a note for Lucie from Manette.

4.1. The note is from Darnay. It reads that Lucie needs to take courage.

5. Chapter 5 - There is one window that Darnay could see out of, so Lucie stands in front of it for two hours a day. However this spot is near the wood cutters home.

5.1. The wood cutter torments Lucie and her daughter by pretending to cut off their heads with his ax. This symbolizes the guillotine.

6. Chapter 6 - A bloodthirsty crowd gathers at Charles Darnay's trial. Manette, Darney, and Gabelle testify; establishing that long ago Darney had renounced his title.

6.1. Darnay disapproved of the aristocracy's treatment of peasants. This leads to the jury acquitting him.

7. Chapter 8 - Mr. Cruncher and Miss Pross discover her long-lost brother, Solomon. Solomon is a spy and can not be identified because he is working for the Republic. Cruncher recognizes Solomon as the witness who accused Darnay of treason.

7.1. And out of the blue Sydney Carton appears and tells them Solomon's real name, Barsad. Carton threatens to reveal his true identity unless he accompanies him to Tellson's. Where Carton tells Mr. Lorry and Cruncher that he has a plan.

8. Chapter 9 - Lorry finds out Cruncher has a secret job. Sydney Carton and John Barsad leave the conference room. Carton tells Mr. Lorry that the best he can do is get on visit with Darnay. And Defarge and Manette are the accusers for Darnay's rearrest because of a letter Manette had wrote while imprisoned.

9. Chapter 10 - Defarge claims Manette wrote the letter. MAnette then reads the letter and it says; the Evermonde brothers rapped a young women, killed her husband and brother. Manette is then imprisoned the next day because he tried to save the young women and her sister. After hearing the letter Darnay is sentenced to death.