Requirement Engineering

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Requirement Engineering by Mind Map: Requirement Engineering

1. Complement

1.1. Requirements management

1.1.1. Procedure Requirements managements

2. Complement

2.1. Requirements validation

2.1.1. Inspection Technique Requirements reviews Prototyping Test-case generation

3. Complement

3.1. Requirements engineering processes

3.1.1. Procedure Requirements validation Requirements elicitation Requirements analysis Requirements management

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4.1. The software requirements documents

5. Complement

5.1. Functional Non-functional requirements

5.1.1. Complement Functional requirements Type Non-functional requirements Type Domain requirements Type

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6.1. Requirements specification

6.1.1. Type User requirements System requirements

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7.1. Requirements elicitation and analysis

7.1.1. Procedure Requirements discovery Requirements classification and organization Requirements prioritization and negotiation Requirements specification