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FOOD by Mind Map: FOOD


1.1. Environment

1.1.1. Dry place

1.1.2. Moisture exposed

1.1.3. Daylight exposed

1.1.4. Dirty

1.2. Storage

1.2.1. Freezing Meat Dairy products

1.2.2. Room Temp. fruits some vegetables

1.2.3. Refregeration Processed Foods Vegetables

1.3. Preparation

1.3.1. Thawing Temperature before and After

1.3.2. Chopping Equipments use

1.3.3. Cooking Temperature of cooking

1.4. Ingredients

1.4.1. Herbs Safe after harvest

1.4.2. Spices Safe after Grinding


2.1. Carbohydrates

2.1.1. Energy foods Sugar Starch Cellulose

2.2. Protein

2.2.1. Body Building Foods Milk Eggs Meat Pork Chiken Beef

2.3. Vitamins

2.3.1. Growth and Maintenance of Body Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K Vitamn B's

2.4. Fats

2.4.1. Major storage form of energy Saturated Monunsaturated Polyunsaturated

2.5. Minerals

2.5.1. Building strong bones and maintain normal heartbeat Macrominerals Calcium Phosphorus Potassium Trace Minerals Iodine Zinc Flouride


3.1. Easily Accessable

3.1.1. Fast foods Hamburger Pizza French Fries Hotdog Sandwich Pie Nuggets Doghnut Fried chicken

3.1.2. Restaurants Local Restaurants Pinoy Restaurants Foreign Restaurant Korean Japanese Chinese Mexican Worldwide

3.1.3. Fruits Apple Banana Orange Grapes Watermelon


4.1. Cheap

4.1.1. Fast food MCdo Jolibee Chowking

4.1.2. Street food Tempura Balot kwek-kwek siomai

4.2. Moderate

4.2.1. restaurant cooked foods

4.3. Expensive

4.3.1. Buffet