what we want to be better. (government)

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what we want to be better. (government) by Mind Map: what we want to be better. (government)

1. people should have a say in the decision.

1.1. children should have a say during the domestic election.

1.1.1. they should at least have a small say.

1.1.2. 11-18

2. no money cuts to vital things.

2.1. army

2.2. schools

2.3. transportation

2.3.1. buses

2.3.2. trains.

2.3.3. tubes

2.3.4. oyster card/zipcard don't make cuts to the zip card system free travel for teenagers.

3. not enough money for things that matter.

3.1. gets people in debt.

3.2. New node

4. footballers shouldn't receive more money than people with essential jobs

4.1. people with essential jobs

4.1.1. cleaners New node

4.1.2. waster depository collectors.

4.1.3. teachers.

5. people being in debt.

5.1. this is a extremely hard problem to solve.