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What I learned at #mTech 2011 by Mind Map: What I learned at #mTech 2011
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What I learned at #mTech 2011

Jim Groom Keynote



radio is vertical/ tv is horizontal

Teach Paperless Julie Carpenter, PVCC

YouTube Video "Really" cell phone commercial



Down With Diigo Liza Sejekora and Devon C Adams

No notecards

No sticky notes

Multiple ways to tag

direct link to your annotation via diigo.

diigolet is as easy as dragging the diigolet button onto your browser

Lisa Sejkora created a Diigo group for her lit course where students posted content and evaluated (really) others work.

being able to share your "manilla envelope" via tags with all of your colleagues, students, etc enables you to extend class anywhere

referenced a small apartment. check this guy from hong kong out it's the diigo of living spaces!

@lizasejkora equates Diigo to the manilla envelop that used to hold all the copies, note cards, highlighters, in the research process

#diigo is your manilla envelope where you carry around all of your information. Not the writing process, but the storage space.

have technology but they do not use it to create.. they are passive users. Need to use technology to create and publish. Digital age. and technology use gap.