A series of Murder pop up in a utopian Society where mental illnesses such as psychopathy is thou...

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A series of Murder pop up in a utopian Society where mental illnesses such as psychopathy is thought to be eliminated by Mind Map: A series of Murder pop up in a utopian Society where mental illnesses such as psychopathy is thought to be eliminated

1. POV of Psychopath

1.1. Character Profile

1.1.1. Outstanding Features Bright Green Eyes Black, greased hair Strong Features Scar-- unknown cause to outside, attacked animal when young

1.1.2. Family Wife named Susie, pictaristic Puppy-- bought by Susie by surprise, doesn't like it

1.1.3. Personality characteristics Soft-Spoken Impulsive Charming No remorse-- however can act Manipulative

1.2. Plot Overview

1.2.1. Opening Scene- Drinking Coffee with wife, listening to the radio and hearing reports of the murders, motions at dog to quiet Wife is obviously distressed, he is nonchalant, seemingly more interested with the police investigation then the person murdered

1.2.2. Work-- describes the people working in meticulous detail stating how they appear to feel by the murders Identifies some people as being similar to him; a shared secret

1.2.3. Police file ends up on his desk as he works for the government-- begins to tear it apart naming what is fact or fiction (however, it can't be obvious he was there) Names impossibilities in the police search kind of berating them at their lack of knowledge

1.2.4. Dog found dead at home--> Breaks news to wife Previously had slipped pills into food-- couldn't stand the yapping Wife obviously acts uneasy, leaving the house

1.2.5. Visits the scene of the second murder

2. POV of Police Officer

2.1. Character Profile

2.1.1. Outstanding Features Quite Plain Brown hair (military sides, long on top), Brown eyes

2.1.2. Family Owns a cat A loner-- However, people do feel like he's friendly

2.1.3. Personality Characteristics OCDish tendencies Friendly-- however, doesn't go out of his way Extremely Logical Curious nature

2.2. Plot Overview

2.2.1. First Officer reported to scene of murder--> begins describing scene (not coldly), speaks to the person who finds the body

2.2.2. Describes how odd it is to find a murder, especially when it is not seemingly related to drugs, gangs etc. There seems to be no reason Puzzles him--> people who are incapable of remorse should not be in the society

2.2.3. Enthralled by case- lays out papers on the floor of his house, and begins picking through them Questions whether there is a psychopath in society Believes that there is something intentionally left out of the police report Gets into a situation that prompts him to believe psychopaths exist in society

2.2.4. 2nd Murder occurs- same blatant disregard for life, describes the scene as a mere game Begins pursuing case independently as he suspects the government official that people find so charming

3. POV of Government Official

3.1. Character Profile

3.2. Plot Overview

3.2.1. Finds incriminating documents showing who committed the murder--> fears for her own life

3.2.2. Joins the rebellion, underground group of people who's childrens etc. have been taken away due to the perception that they are dangerous to society

3.2.3. Begins to believe that the government is run by psychopaths