Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow Laws by Mind Map: Jim Crow Laws

1. Alcohol

1.1. People who sold alcohol had to sell it exclusively to white people, or exclusively to black people

1.1.1. Georgia Law

2. Schools

2.1. There were separate school rooms for colored people

2.1.1. New Mexico Law

3. Teachers

3.1. Any instructor who teaches at an instatuion where people of white and colored races who are enrolled and received will be deemed guilty of misdemeanor.

3.1.1. Oklahoma Law

4. Baseball

4.1. Any colored baseball team could not play on a white baseball diamond or two blocks from any white playground

4.1.1. Georgia Laws

5. Marriage

5.1. A white person and a person of color were prohibited to marry eachother

5.1.1. Florida Law

6. Hospitals

6.1. Nurses were not forced to take care of a black patient if they didn't want to

6.1.1. Alabama Laws

6.2. Black people were placed in separate wards in the hospital.

6.2.1. Georgia Laws

7. Toilets

7.1. Bathrooms were separated by colour of skin

7.1.1. Alabama Law

8. Buses

8.1. There were separate waiting rooms and separate ticket windows

8.1.1. Alabama Laws

9. Prisons

9.1. All white felons are to have separate eating and sleeping apartments from colored people

9.1.1. Mississippi Law

10. Barbering

10.1. A black barber could not serve to white women or girls

10.1.1. Georgia Laws

11. These laws occurred between the late 19th century and early 20th century.

12. They were racist and knowledgeable and probably scared so they created these laws. These laws restricted African Americans do daily things and live a life equal to others.

13. The reason why this still matters is because it still affects so many people today. Black people feel unsafe around police officers because of the history of police shooting them for no reason. A lot of people who lived in the time where these laws were applied are still alive today. Unfortunately because of these laws so many people still think this way, and that is why these laws are still significant today.