GMS Blueprint

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GMS Blueprint by Mind Map: GMS Blueprint

1. Current State

1.1. Why?

1.1.1. People that work for me

1.1.2. Obligation to team

1.1.3. continuing legacy

1.1.4. Giving back to planet

1.2. People

1.2.1. Kevin - don't see the give back in the from the employees - don't feel appreciated by the transient 30%

1.2.2. Need more laborers

1.2.3. 70% stable 30 % transient

1.2.4. not feeling appreciated is a pain point both macro and micro view

1.3. Sales

1.3.1. Babe Ruth Salesperson

1.4. Processes

1.4.1. Putting new tech in place Re-releving

1.5. Culture

1.5.1. been through cultural changes

1.5.2. clear vision

1.5.3. shared narative with employees

1.5.4. healthy environment commitment to people commitment to safety

1.5.5. culture changing generationally

1.6. Out of Comfort Zone

1.7. Finance

1.7.1. Growing Capital outlay diversity residential - quick payment commercial - slower payment

1.7.2. client mix 80% residential high end residential niche residential is funding expansion Margin is 12% 20% commercial Margin is 8%

1.7.3. bound by law on when payment can be requested outlay of materials before payment progress payments deposits - 10% or $1000 whichever is less can ask for a deposit for each phase

1.8. Product

1.8.1. Sarah - our people are our product

1.8.2. delivering on brand promise how to keep delivering during growth

1.8.3. relevance? how do you protect it?

2. Future State

2.1. Why?

2.1.1. Kevin hoping to step back in 2-3 years

2.1.2. leaving a legacy for Sarah

2.2. people

2.2.1. how many more employees do you need at 3X or 5X? equipment instead of more people

2.2.2. how to find more people? hiring process no clear onboarding process career path planning currently Sarah & Kevin are hiring supervisors who know culture doing future hiring need for leadership training for supervisors

2.2.3. Can people be a market differentiator

2.2.4. meet and communicate one on one with employees open door policy

2.2.5. want to add annual review process

2.2.6. building a team to support Sarah 2.0

2.3. culture

2.3.1. cultural definition clear concise communication

2.3.2. how do you protect the culture during growth?

2.3.3. how to create sense of ownership among employees appreciation/respect is it monetary? supervisors become extension of ownership communication brainstorming best practices roundtable two-way feedback

2.4. Finance

2.4.1. share finances with supervisors and foreman

2.4.2. share plan for growth

2.4.3. how long will the cash last to get to the next level

2.4.4. biggest issue for profitablility is labor

2.5. Product

2.5.1. What are emerging trends going green hard to find equipment want to be innovative noise pollution pesticides being first to adopt new innovations is a market advantage

2.6. Systems/Process

2.6.1. how to be more efficient? technology to improve systems estimating scheduling

2.7. Sales

2.7.1. Geographic market Santa Barbara to Santa Monica

2.7.2. moving to 50/50 residential and commercial in 1st quarter of 2018 what is the correct split? 60/40

2.8. What is the best use of Mary (Sales)?

2.9. What is the best use of Sarah?

2.10. what is the best use of Kevin

2.10.1. training residential sales training for Mary

2.10.2. knowledge download