So, What Is Democracy Anyway? - TEDxVienna 2017

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So, What Is Democracy Anyway? - TEDxVienna 2017 by Mind Map: So, What Is Democracy Anyway? - TEDxVienna 2017

1. Speaker


1.1.1. Political Analyst | UK

1.1.2. The de Borda Institute - DeBorda Institute

2. Every decision is taken by majority vote

2.1. 50% +

2.1.1. A vs B

2.1.2. Yes or No

2.2. Inaccurate measure of opinion

2.2.1. If you have a multi-option debate, to give only two options is crazy

2.3. e.g. Brexit

2.3.1. Was a yes or no decision, but there would have been more options Neither / Both

3. Majority Voting

3.1. Enables the political leader to choose the question

3.2. The question is often the answer

3.3. Often does not identify the collective will or majority will, only the will of the He who wrote the question

4. Preferential Voting

4.1. You can't get the collective will if people don't express their individual will

4.2. But if everybody says what they do want, it should be possible to identify the most popular option

4.3. How should preferences be analyzed?

4.3.1. Plurality vote

4.3.2. Two-round system

4.3.3. Point system

5. Preferential points voting

5.1. Many benefits

5.2. Protagonist is incentivized to be nice to their opponents

6. Democracy should be inclusive

6.1. We don't practice this, but we preach it

6.2. Any vote should be multi-optional

6.3. What is democracy?

6.3.1. Majoritarianism majority voting and majority rule

6.3.2. Consensus preferential decision making and all-party power-sharing