Grammatical Unit

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Grammatical Unit by Mind Map: Grammatical Unit

1. Morphemes

1.1. Free morphemes

1.1.1. "boy"

1.2. Bound morphemes

1.2.1. "un-"

2. Words

2.1. Lexical words

2.1.1. noun common nouns "book" proper nouns "Microsoft"

2.1.2. lexical verbs "write"

2.1.3. adjectives "heavy"

2.1.4. adverbs "slowly"

2.2. Function words

2.2.1. determiners definite article "the" indefinite article "a book" demonstrative determiners "this book" possessive determiners "my book" quantifiers "every book"

2.2.2. pronouns personal pronouns "you" demonstrative pronouns "this" reflexive pronouns "myself" reciprocal prenouns "each other" possessive pronouns "mine" indefinite pronouns "somebody" relative pronouns "He is the guy who told me about this. " interrogative pronouns "What did he say?"

2.2.3. auxiliary verbs primary auxiliaries be have do modal auxiliaries will would can could shall should may might

2.2.4. preposition "And she's in a new situation."

2.2.5. adverbial particles "about, across, along, around, aside,away,back,by,down,forth,home,in,off,on,out,over,past,round,through,under,up....."

2.2.6. conjections coordinators "and but or nor" subordinators "You can hld her if you want."

2.3. inserts

2.3.1. "Well, we made it."

2.3.2. "Yeah,I will."

3. Phrases

3.1. noun phrase

3.1.1. "these houses"

3.2. verb phrase

3.2.1. "will have"

3.3. adjective phrase

3.3.1. "He is desperately poor."

3.4. adverb phrase

3.4.1. "so quickly you don't even enjoy it"

3.5. prepositional phrase

3.5.1. "in a street"

4. Clauses

5. Sentences