Masters of Arts in Teaching (2014-2016) and Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership (Fal...

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Masters of Arts in Teaching (2014-2016) and Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership (Fall 2017) by Mind Map: Masters of Arts in Teaching (2014-2016) and Masters of Education in Instructional Leadership (Fall 2017)

1. EDUC 601: History/Social Foundations

1.1. Who are the founders of American Education? Learned about the cultural and social movements that led towards the evolution of education in our schools.

1.1.1. Massachusettes Education Laws John Dewey " My Pedagogy Creed" Brown vs. Board of Education

1.2. Signature Assignment: The Evolution of American Education (1642-2012)

2. EDUC 600: Introduction to Masters in Education

2.1. How do we read and write at a graduate level?

2.1.1. APA

2.2. Signature Assignment: My Teaching Philosophy

3. EDUC 603: Child Development and Education

3.1. Learned about cognitive development and how conceptual understanding develop. Interview with kindergarten student.

3.2. How to make Developmentally Appropriate Activities. Implementing lessons for all learning abilities.

3.3. Signature Assignment: Activity for Kindergartener to understand his level of understanding. Using created assessment rubric. His concept of Basic Addition.

4. EDUC 618: Elementary Social Studies

4.1. Observed the process in teaching social studies to 2nd graders

4.1.1. What are a few activities students do for learning? Service Learning Project.

4.1.2. O&P at Maemae Elementary

4.2. Signature Assignment: Role of Government EdTPA lesson plan

5. EDUC 610: Elementary Language Arts and Methods

5.1. Learned about Language Arts and Methods to implement in an elementary classroom.

5.1.1. What types of book engage students to read? Picture Books, Science Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fiction, Biographies, etc. Book File- Power Point Presentation

5.2. Signature Assignment: Creating a lesson plan which included literature "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".

6. EDUC 652: Multicultural Education

6.1. Learned about Diversity in Classroom. How do we differentiate instruction for all learners?

6.1.1. Cultural Day: Who are our students?

6.1.2. Interviewed Bi-lingual students. Learned phrases from their home language. Implementing first language into the classroom.

6.1.3. Multicultural Education in Hawaii

6.2. Signature Assignment: Did a cross-cultural comparison of a friend. Differences and similarities between Hawaiian culture and his Albanian culture. Also created a personal identity power point presentation "Me and My Culture".

7. EDUC 660: Intro. to Exceptional Children

7.1. Learned strategies to accommodate students with diverse learning needs.

7.1.1. Tomlinson's Approach or Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

7.1.2. English Language Learners, Learning Disabilities, Gifted & Talented

7.1.3. IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act

7.2. Signature Assignment: Differentiated Lesson Plan. Also created an IDEA Power Point Presentation

8. EDUC 640: Educational Technology in the Classroom

8.1. What types of technology are being used in the classroom today?

8.1.1. Learned more in-depth about educational technology such as online games, programs, class websites, etc. (Brain Bop, 50 Technology Education tools)

8.2. Signature Assignment: Was to create a technology plan which would be integrated into your school of choice. 13" Macbook Integration

9. EDUC 643: Hawaiian Culture and Language

9.1. Learned about the Hawaiian culture. How both the culture and language are being implemented into the classroom.

9.2. Cultural Awareness

9.3. Assignments: Wrote an autobiography

10. EDUC 612: Elementary Science Methods

10.1. Learned how to create and implement a science lesson plan to 2nd graders.

10.1.1. Next Generation Standards

10.1.2. 5E Procedures

10.1.3. O&P at Hahaione Elementary

10.2. Assignments: Created a "My Science Perspectives Power Point. Built a bottle compost noting changes over a 10 week span. Also worked in making three lesson plans/actvities related to science (What is Pollination. Field Trip lesson plan, Post field trip lesson). EdTPA.

11. EDUC 602: Psychological Foundations of Education

11.1. Learned how we as educators can better address the challenges of diversity in Hawaii for learning by applying psychological learning theories, concepts, and principles in the classroom.

11.1.1. Learned how to create a positive learning environment to accommodate all learning styles and cultural backgrounds.

11.2. Assignments: Pre & Post Assessment utilizing KWL charts, Community Blogs, and discussions. Signature Assignment I did a UBD lesson plan which implemented the theories and principles of cognitive psychology.

12. EDUC 616: Music, Art, & Creative Movement

12.1. Learned more in-depth how to engage students learning activities of music, art & creative movement. As well as implementing these learning activities.

12.1.1. Why are Music, Art, and Creative Movement important in the classrooms?

12.2. Service Learning at Palolo Elementary

12.3. Assignments: EDTPA Lesson Plan: The Amazing Aborigines. Also I wrote a service learning reflection.

13. EDUC 790: Peace, Justice, & Educational Reform

13.1. Educational transformation in terms of individuals and institutions.

13.2. Developed an understanding of educational curricula in classrooms that model issues of peace, social justice, and educational reform.

13.2.1. Characteristics of Marianist values

13.3. Signature Assignment: Designed an Ideal Learning Environment using powerpoint. What does an ideal learning environment look like that is committed to social justice, peace, and Marianist principles?

14. EDUC 654: Assessing Teaching and Learning

14.1. Why do we assess? Utilizing classroom assessment for student success

14.1.1. How do we assess? What are the different types of assessment: Selected Response, Essay, Performance Assessment, Personal Communication.

14.2. Learned to create appropriate assessments for learning targets (objectives)

14.3. Assignments: Reviewed eight different case studies, comparing and contrasting each. Composed video refections. For my Signature Assignment I created a five component portfolio which included: A philosophy of assessment, comparing and contrasting the four assessment types, two UBD lesson plans with 2 days of activities incorporating Common Core Standards, Assessment types, and works citied.

15. EDUC 650: Managing School Environments

15.1. How to manage an educational learning environment.

15.2. The teacher can become the guide/facilitator in both student and teacher-centered classrooms

15.2.1. FBA (Functional Behavior Assessment)- Based on behavioral theories.

15.2.2. COMP (Classroom Management Organization Program)

15.3. Assignments: FBA/BSP Worksheets (student observation), Observation & Participation Journals, and a Signature Assignment of a classroom management plan.

16. EDUC 614: Elementary Math Methods

16.1. Learned how to implement learning mathematics into an elementary aged classroom. Worked with a 5th grade classroom at Punahou School.

16.1.1. Math theory and concepts

16.2. How much do I really know math?

16.3. Learned how to model, demonstrate, and experience teaching mathematics by solving a variety of case studies.

16.4. Assignments: Weekly case studies and problem solving. Observation & Participation reflection journals. The Signature Assignment included an EDTPA lesson plan for an elementary math class.

17. EDUC 701: Educational Research & Design

17.1. I hope to learn more in-depth about educational research and practice.

17.2. Educational Research Strategies of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. Along with literature reviews that include these methods.

17.2.1. 10 Literature Annotations, APA

17.3. Learn to comprehend academic literature

17.4. Signature Assignment: Will be to create a pilot study.

18. EDUC 794: Culminating Experience

18.1. What are principles, methods, and content I have learned throughout my Masters experience? Capstone!

18.2. Assignments: Introductory Screencast, Research Proposal, Concept Mapping. Signature Assignment will be a culminating project.

19. FALL 2014

20. Anuhea Mertens