Mixtures||Pure Substances

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Mixtures||Pure Substances by Mind Map: Mixtures||Pure Substances

1. Some examples of mixtures are tea, trail mix, dirt, ocean water, air

2. One way to define a mixture is simply a substance made by mixing other substances together

3. There are two different kinds of mixtures heterogeneous and homogenous. Homogeneous mixture is a substance that is uniform in composition. Solutions are examples of homogeneous mixtures. A heterogeneous mixture is a mixture in which the composition is easily identified, as there are two or more phases present. Suspensions are examples of heterogeneous mixtures

4. Mixtures can be combined either as solutions, suspensions, or colloids.

5. A pure substance cannot be separated into any other kinds of matter by any physical or chemical process. It is also made up of the same particles.

6. The physical properties of a pure substance include well-defined melting and boiling points

7. Some examples of pure substances include gold, tin, water, diamonds, oxygen, nitrogen basically anything that is just one substance, not mixed together with anything else.

8. A single element is an example of a pure substance because it cannot be broken down into simpler substance.

9. Also pure substances can be elements and/or compounds