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Septum Piercing by Mind Map: Septum Piercing
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Septum Piercing

Secretly pierce it!!!

Parents find out

Get in trouble, Get grounded for some time, Not able to do anything, Constant bordem, Get my phone taken away, Have no contact with the outside world, Parent don't want me around Emily, Lose my BFF, No more parties on the weekends at Emily's, Possibly get Emily in trouble

Parents don't care, Keep the piercing in, Be happy and have another piercing:), Parents may not trust anymore because they said not to do it to begin with, Have less freedom, Can't go anywhere by myself

Parents don't find out at first , but eventually gets infected

Parents would find out, (See "Get in trouble")

I die from the infection, My parents find out I pierced it, I'm dead...but they still ground me.

Parents never find out until I'm 18

I get away with the piercing for 2 years and by the time my parents figure out, they can't do anything about it because I am no longer a minor., I tell them I've had it for 2 years and we all laugh at the funny story it will make...

Don't pierce it.

Wait until I'm 18

Stay out of trouble, Parents don't know that I was going to do it, What my parents don't know won't hurt them, I continue about my usual business and pretend the idea was never in my head, The idea returns later on. (Return to the beginning), Don't lose any of my parents trust, Don't get grounded, I continue to go wherever and do whatever

Continue to want the piercing and eventually do it

(See other side "Secretly pierce it")