Funding for new life

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Funding for new life by Mind Map: Funding for new life

1. Questions or Schedule a showing

1.1. Best way to get answers to your questions: Short form which sends me a txt message. I respond typically 5min-30min.

1.2. Include Email address, and a short form.

1.3. Calendar to schedule a showing

1.4. Phone to call, name

2. Create easy video & photogallery:

2.1. Upload all video's to youtube

2.2. Create 2 thumbnail display based galleries

2.3. Add video's and choose title describing

2.4. Add images and choose titles

3. Make a list primary highlights - use the tool that reveals information when clicked-

3.1. Location: Show Distance using Google maps screenshot- the following. Distance to dc using backroads. Distance using 270 - show time it takes during main commuting time, Distance to commuter bus, distance to closet mall, distance to closet gas stat...

3.2. Investment Value: Investment Value: value of mansion closet neighbor, (screenshot only, screenshot of listing other property for sale, Also recently sold lots (one for 400k, one for 250k)

3.3. Privacy: Show tax map bird's eye view: HIghlight using tiny take borders and ownership,

3.4. Land Features: Fuirt Trees, Pictures of cliff, Mention the following: highest point in the area, land slopes away on the sides, Fresh water springs, Ton's of hiking or tons of horse trails, Lands natural feature highlight's: The cliff - Springs,....

3.5. Peaceful: Deer's that cross the property, a local fox, Due to being on the north side of the mountain there's not snakes like on the south side. Bird's, fish in 3 local streams, small cave in the cliff's, beautiful stones include images, Crystals fo...

3.6. Internet & Phone Service: Internet service available through local wifi direct beam company- XXXX, show verison and spirnt coverage map.

3.7. Ready to build: Completed site plan approved by county, Perk test completed and approved for 5 bed 3 bath home, Septic field staked, Property staked, Driveway cut in and heavy gravel placed, Arteison well with X flow per min, Quote for electric ru...

4. Zillow & online listings

4.1. Zillow: Take another official land listing advertisement text and change only a couple words

4.2. See how many images official other listings are showing and choose and upload to zillow.

4.3. Include a list of features, very short one word highlight's

4.4. Get realitor

4.5. Include multiple forms which they can contact me. Please use contact information on put link again.

5. Clean Up Property

5.1. remove white platic sign

5.2. remove logs and stuff from driveway.

5.3. remove clean up oil

5.4. tarp anything that doesn't look good and not easily removed

5.5. put anything we are keeping inside the box truck.

5.6. burn anything and everything that we aren't keeping

5.7. Find a way to move the house, out of main view, and or colaspe it to burn it. find chainsaw.

5.8. remove items in crappy sheds.

5.9. Get rid of the sheds

5.10. do metal runs, with large trailer

5.11. post sign at driveway entrance and entrance to dirt road

6. Create a personal page promoting the property on webserver under to use easy builder

6.1. Create a short link with google url shortner

6.2. Goto Zillow and add the following txt: Complete listing about this sale at (Video's, More Images, All included Documentation, Quotes related to building, appointment Scheduling)

6.3. Place title on top of page: Great Investment opportunity or Ready for your luxury excluded estate - surrounded by 5,000 acres of private & protected land.

6.4. Reason for selling: I had designed the house we were planning to build, we have all arrangements prepared, But Baby on the way & new business launching, I very very very sadly have to let my dream location go.

6.5. Realtor Information: We are willing to pay the % fee that typically comes from the realtor.

6.6. Location Currently used for storage: Currently I have some stuff stored here: A box truck, tractor & some construction related items from outside projects. We will include a 40k escrow clause stating the following: Seller to remove & clean up an...

7. General fixing of the road

7.1. Fill in larger holes near property

7.2. run over dirt multiple times

7.3. Use truck to deliver load of stone to top off

8. Get Quotes for tasks.

8.1. Quote to trench the road for electric

8.2. Number of electric guy from evernote

8.3. Determine length of driveway from the google maps.

8.4. Get stone quote for 2-6 inch depth of rocks to be laid

8.5. Call county to inquire about changing status of abandoned county road