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My Story by Mind Map: My Story

1. Raashan asked to go the courts to go play basketball. I said yeah.

1.1. When we got up there we just warmed up.

1.1.1. Then we started to play a game to 31.

1.1.2. Then six diferent kids came up to Raashan and me and asked to play a four on four. Me and Raashan could have continued playing our 31. Or we could have started up a four on four.

1.2. We started to look for play with so we could start a 5 on 5.

1.2.1. We went to Jermy's house, and got him to start to walk with us.

1.2.2. We saw Terrence on he came to the courts with Raashan, Jermy, and me.

1.2.3. I asked my little brother if he wanted to play, he said yeah. We had five and so we went to the courts, because we already called some other people they said they were already at the courts. So we just walked up to the courts. New node

2. The no's

2.1. New node

2.2. New node

2.3. New node

3. Yes's

4. Raashan asked me to go to the courts to play basketball. I said no thanks, I am staying Home.

4.1. I ended up taking a nap for a few hours.

4.1.1. I woke up and my little brother asked for help to clean up the front yard.

4.2. I started to clean my house , It took about two hours to finish cleaning my house.

4.2.1. My mom took me out to eat for cleaning the house.

4.2.2. Since I cleaned the house my mom took me to go get some new cloths.

4.3. I Cooked lunch for my little brothers and my mom.

4.3.1. If I don't want new cloths she'll take me out to eat tommorow.

4.3.2. My mom said I could either get some new cloths.