Parts of a Computer

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Parts of a Computer by Mind Map: Parts of a Computer

1. Mouse

1.1. You use your mouse to move thing around or click on them it would be difficult to use a computer without a mouse.

2. Scanner

2.1. Tis object is used to scan stuff so you can see or edit it on a computer if you need to.

3. Printer

3.1. The printer is for printing out things that need to be printed so you can present them on a peice of paper.

4. CPU

4.1. A CPU is like the brian of the whol works it stores all of them memory holds application and many other things.

5. Monitor

5.1. A monitor is a part on the computer also known as the screen. This part of a computer is where you can see everything

6. Keypad

6.1. The keypad is what a person would use to type up everything they needed to.