A girl wants to fight me

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A girl wants to fight me by Mind Map: A girl wants to fight me

1. Fight her

1.1. cops called

1.1.1. they get my information

1.2. have another police report

1.2.1. get kicked out of my apartment

1.3. trouble with parents

1.3.1. get grounded

1.4. another court date

1.4.1. can go to juvy

1.5. i can get hurt

1.5.1. i can pass out or go to the hospital

1.6. She can get hurt

1.6.1. she can press charges on me.

2. Don't Fight

2.1. stay inside

2.2. walk away

2.3. stay on my parents good side

2.4. i'll be more mature

2.5. no injuries are made

2.6. get to the bottom of the problem and fix it