After school activities

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After school activities by Mind Map: After school activities

1. chores

1.1. no

1.1.1. my mom will be mad

1.1.2. wont get my phone bill paid

1.2. yes

1.2.1. my mom will get to relax after work

1.2.2. my mom might let me do more over the weekend

1.2.3. my phone wont get shut off

2. sleep

2.1. no

2.1.1. I could do school work

2.1.2. I could do house work

2.1.3. I could give my dog a bath

2.2. yes

2.2.1. wont be tired for school the next morning

2.2.2. wont be able to sleep that night

2.2.3. New node

3. cook dinner

3.1. no

3.1.1. I might not have anything else to do

3.1.2. mom might feel overwelmed

3.2. yes

3.2.1. I get to have what I want

3.2.2. mom could come home from work and not worry about anything

3.2.3. it would be a way to suck up to my mom

4. go find a job

4.1. no

4.1.1. have no money

4.1.2. will have to continue depending on my parents

4.2. yes

4.2.1. will be earning my own money

4.2.2. learn the value of money

4.2.3. meet new people