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Substances by Mind Map: Substances

1. Homogenous mixtures

1.1. Has the same unifor throughout

1.2. Coffee, soda, and orange juice are examples of this

2. heterogeneous mixtures

2.1. Visibly different throughout

2.2. Vegetables, nuts, and cereal with milk are examples of heterogeneous mixtures

3. Pure substances

3.1. Can be a compound or a single element

3.2. All elements are pure substances

3.3. Carbon, Hydrogen,Nitrogen, and Oxygen are four core elements that make up the world around us

3.4. Gold, Water, Diamonds, Baking soda, and Table Salt are some examples of pure substances

3.5. A pure substance mixed with another pure substance makes a mixture, not a pure substance

4. Mixed substances

4.1. A mixture of two or more chemical substances

4.2. Can be two pure substances mixed together

4.3. Mixed substances can be in rocks, in the air, or even in the ocean.

4.4. Some mixtures can be seperated by evaporation or condensation

4.5. Sand, Iron fillings, rock,