M.A.I.N Causes of WW1

Long Term Causes of WWI

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M.A.I.N Causes of WW1 by Mind Map: M.A.I.N Causes of WW1


1.1. What?

1.1.1. Policy of building up armies. weapons etc

1.2. Controllers

1.2.1. Britain controlled navies Built dreadnoughts more powerful than anything

1.2.2. Germany had most armies & power in Europe Germany attempted to out build Britain's dreadnoughts: failed

1.3. Objectives

1.3.1. Protect empires

1.3.2. Gain land/territory = power


2.1. Purposes

2.1.1. To ensure safety & protection between countries in case of war/threat

2.1.2. To keep peace within Europe

2.2. Alliances

2.2.1. Britain & its Allies called Triple Entente Britain,France and Russia

2.2.2. Germany & Central Allies were called Triple Alliance Germany, Austrian-Hungary and Ottoman Empire (turkey)

2.3. Alliances pt 2

2.3.1. Triple Entente VS Triple Alliance


3.1. What?

3.1.1. Prior WW1, countries competed for more land. more powerful navies and armies

3.1.2. take huge pride in country's power

3.1.3. eager for power and land

3.2. Philosophy

3.2.1. Countries power & strength = #1 Priority

3.2.2. Gain more empire = greater strength


4.1. What?

4.1.1. Extension of nations power Economic, political & military reasons Beginning 20th century economics were very important

4.1.2. Places controlled were called Colonies

4.2. Controllers

4.2.1. Britain Controlled most colonies; including Canada and Australia

4.2.2. Germany Built railways from Berlin to Baghdad to expand control

4.2.3. Russia Held most land in Europe and Asia

4.2.4. France Controlled parts of NW Africa & far east

4.2.5. USA Controlled Hawaiian Islands & Phillipines