Image of objectivity

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Image of objectivity by Mind Map: Image of objectivity

1. heroic self-discipline

2. 1- The talismanic Image

2.1. The talismanic Image

2.2. producing images to eliminate suspect mediation.

2.3. moralization of objectivity

2.4. scientific atlases ---> scientific objectivity

2.5. "noninterventionist" or "mechanical" objectivity

2.6. "Is scientific knowledge objective?"

2.7. true to nature" :

2.7.1. 1 in its methods (mechanical), 2 its morals (restrained), 3 and its metaphysics (individualized).

3. 2- Truth to Nature

3.1. working objects

3.2. standardizing objects in visual form

3.3. natural sciences

3.4. mechanical objectivity

3.5. truth to nature

3.6. atlases in representing nature

3.7. atlas makers did not hesitate to offer pictures of objects they had never laid eyes upon

3.8. naturalistic alternative

3.9. scientific naturalism

3.10. anxiety of distortion and the rejection of aesthetics.

3.11. the naturalism of the camera

3.11.1. with grids, measurement, or the camera obscura.

3.12. "characteristic" images

3.12.1. averaging,

3.12.2. essentialism statistical essentialism

3.13. truth to nature

3.13.1. mechanical objectivity. asceticism of noninterventionist objectivity

3.14. judgments of typicality

4. 3- Objectivity and Mechanical Reproduction

4.1. introduction of photography

4.2. Drawing closer to the present

4.2.1. science-directed art more useful presentation

4.3. x-ray

4.3.1. pathological the new X-ray photography a potential legal weapon

4.4. microscope

4.5. transferring the necessity of judgment to the audience

4.5.1. shifted responsibility to the reader

4.6. legal and scientific

4.7. showing only what exists and nothing else

4.8. Pictures became more than merely helpful tools

5. 4- Objectivity Moralized

5.1. a morality of self-restraint

5.2. judgment and imagination

5.3. 1- nineteenth century, the machine aided where the will failed.

5.4. 2- the machine, in the form of new scientific instruments, embodied a positive ideal of the observer

5.5. 3- symbol of, mechanical objectivity.

5.6. 4- the scientific image commanded center stage

5.7. moral and religious view of the scientific life

5.7.1. the birth cries of mechanical objectivity Sociologists of religion tell us that moral virtuosity never exists without an appreciative audience

5.8. Humility and selfrestraint

5.8.1. pride-breaking morality of the scientists

5.9. moral dignity

5.10. "value-free" or "neutral" science.

5.11. practices of objectivity

5.12. subjective truths