Age of Discovery; Explorers

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Age of Discovery; Explorers by Mind Map: Age of Discovery; Explorers

1. Chirstopher Columbus

1.1. Lived from 1451–1506

1.2. Credited with finding the Americas

1.3. Landed in present day Bahamas and claimed it for Spain

1.4. Brought over diseases that killed the Natives

1.5. Helped to start a beneficial exchange between the Old and New World

2. Francisco Pizzaro

2.1. Lived from 1476–1541

2.2. Discovered the Pacific Ocean after conquering Peru and establishing its capital, Lima

2.3. Came from a poor background, was intrigued by tales of the New World

2.4. Accompanied Alonzo de Ojeda on a voyage to Urabá, Colombia, proved he was reliable

2.5. Went on Renaissance Voyages, allowing Pizarro to explore further down the south coast

3. Hernán Cortés

3.1. Lived from 1485–1547

3.2. Set sail for the New World at age 19 and landed in Santo Domingo

3.3. Setrled in Azúa, Cortés and served as a notary before joining an expedition of Cuba

3.4. Made alliance with some Native Americans, but fought off many during his attempt to conquer the Aztec Empire

3.5. Cortes defctead the Aztecs and took control of the Empire in 1521

3.6. Disobeyed Spanish rules and was not reappointed to his governmenship

4. Juan Ponce de León

4.1. Lived from1460-1521

4.2. Founded oldest settlement in Puerto Rico

4.3. Explored the New World in search of gold

4.4. Had hopes of establishing an island colony for Spain, started farms and constructed defenses

4.5. Following his return to Spain, he was named military governor of Bimini and Florida

4.6. Was said to have treated the Native Americans better than most conquistatdors

4.7. His motivation for exploration is often described as his search for the "fountain of youth".

5. Ferdinand Magellan

5.1. Lived from 1480–1521

5.2. Studied map-making and navigation

5.3. Was determined to find a better route to the land of spices

5.4. Organized a fleet that circumnavigated the whole earth

5.5. Sailed with large ships and was engaged in large combat at a young age