Explorers and Conquerors

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Explorers and Conquerors by Mind Map: Explorers and Conquerors

1. Christopher Columbus

1.1. Discovered America in 1492

1.2. Went on 4 voyages from Spain

1.3. Under the auspices of Catholic Monarch of Spain

1.4. Founded transatlantic slave trade

1.5. Had 3 boats: Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina

1.6. Explored Cuba on second voyage

2. John Cabot

2.1. Discovered Canada with son in 1497

2.2. Came from wealthy family that traded spices

2.3. Went on 3 voyages

2.4. Landed in Newfoundland

2.5. Venetian explorer

2.6. Commissioned by Henry VII of England

3. Hernán Cortés

3.1. Led an expedition on the Aztec Empire in 1519

3.2. Kidnapped Aztec Emperor

3.3. Brought many parts of Mexico under the rule of the King of Castille

3.4. Appointed governor of Mexico

3.5. Went on expedition to Honduras

3.6. Awarded title of Marqués del Valle de Oaxaca-highest

4. Francisco Pizarro

4.1. Led expedition conquering Inca Empire in 1532

4.2. Explored Peru in 1531

4.3. First two expeditions considered failures

4.4. Claimed lands for Spain

4.5. Took part in the Famous Thirteen with Diego de Almagro

4.6. Conflict with Almagro in 1537 after partnership in past

5. John Smith

5.1. Explorer and founder of Jamestown in 1607

5.2. Was Admiral of New England

5.3. Trained the first settlers to farm and work

5.4. Supporter of English colonization if the New World

5.5. Saved from execution by Pocahontas in 1616

5.6. Searched for food for the colony on multiple occasions, sometimes encountering danger

6. James Cook

6.1. Discovered New Zealand in 1768 in 1st voyage

6.2. Made 3 voyages across Pacific Ocean

6.3. Discovered Hawaii on third voyage in 1778

6.4. Joined British Royal Navy in 1755

6.5. Participated in the seven years war

6.6. Killed in attempt to kidnap Hawaiian chief