World War II

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World War II by Mind Map: World War II

1. The War In Europe

1.1. invasion

1.1.1. Germany invades Poland

1.1.2. Germany invades Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, and France

1.1.3. Battle of Stalingrad ends in Soviet victory.

1.1.4. Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece

1.1.5. Germany occupies Italy

2. War In the pacific

2.1. Perl Harbor

2.1.1. Japanese bomb Perl harbor.

2.1.2. Japanese blow up many ships and planes.

2.2. Japan

2.2.1. Bomb dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

2.2.2. Radiation kills many because of the bombomb.

2.2.3. japan get attacked by USA because they bombed Perl harbor.

3. The Holocaust

3.1. Hitler

3.1.1. Jews not allowed national health insurance.

3.1.2. Jews are prohibited from getting legal qualifications.

3.1.3. Hitler kills himself.

3.1.4. Adolf Hitler becomes leader of National Socialist (Nazi) Party.

3.2. Jews

3.2.1. Put into concentration camps.

3.2.2. Put into ovens to burn.

3.2.3. Starved And put to do work with no pay.

3.2.4. killed because they where old or sick.

4. War On The home Front

4.1. Ration

4.1.1. saved food and where rationed so the army could get food.

4.2. work

4.2.1. everyone Worked to help in the war even kids.

4.2.2. people farmed there own food to give to the people in the army.

4.2.3. kids helped collect scrap metal.

4.2.4. women worked in factories.

4.3. Victory Bonds

4.3.1. people bought these victory bonds to make themselves feel like they helped in the war