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Research Tools by: Azam Haghkhah by Mind Map: Research
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Research Tools by: Azam Haghkhah

Search for proper paper

Web of Science

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Author, H-Index, G-Index, Published Items in Each Year, Citations in Each Year

Journal, Impact Factor, Journal Ranking, Citing Journal, Cited Journal, Publication Year

Paper Time Cited


Google Scholar

Reference Management

End Note

Literature Review

Mind Map

Publish or Perish

Desktop Search

dt serach

Google desktop search

Google Scholar

Search for proper ISI Journal for Submiting

Web of Science

Journal Title and Scope

Journal Impact Factor

Immediancy Index

Journal Rankig

Half-Life Cited

Half-Life Citing

Citing Journal Data



Editing tools

White Smoke

keeping update by Alert system

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Science Direct

ISI Web of Knowledge

Pro Quest Dissertation and theses

Self Marketing

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Mind Map

Research Tool by Meysam

Research Gate

Meysam Research Gate



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