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Coding in Qualitative Research by Mind Map: Coding in Qualitative
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Coding in Qualitative Research

Saldana, J. (2009). The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers. Sage Publications Ltd.


Analytic Memos

First Cycle Coding methods

Coding methods Profiles

Gramatical methods, Attribute coding, Magnitude coding, Simultaneous coding

Elemental methods, Structural coding, Descriptive coding, In Vivo coding, Process coding, Initial coding

Affective Methods, Emotion coding, Values coding, Versus coding, Evaluation coding

Literary and Language Methods, Dramaturgical coding, Motif coding, Narrative coding, Verbal exchange coding

Exploratory Methods, Holistic coding, Provisional coding, Hypothesis coding

Procedural Methods, OCM (Outline of Cultural Materials) coding, Protocol coding, Domain and taxonomic coding

Theming the data

Second Cycle Coding Methods

Pattern Coding

Focused coding

Axial coding

Theoretical coding

Elaborative coding

Longitudinal coding