Coding in Qualitative Research

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Coding in Qualitative Research by Mind Map: Coding in Qualitative Research

1. Intro

2. Analytic Memos

3. First Cycle Coding methods

3.1. Coding methods Profiles

3.1.1. Gramatical methods Attribute coding Magnitude coding Simultaneous coding

3.1.2. Elemental methods Structural coding Descriptive coding In Vivo coding Process coding Initial coding

3.1.3. Affective Methods Emotion coding Values coding Versus coding Evaluation coding

3.1.4. Literary and Language Methods Dramaturgical coding Motif coding Narrative coding Verbal exchange coding

3.1.5. Exploratory Methods Holistic coding Provisional coding Hypothesis coding

3.1.6. Procedural Methods OCM (Outline of Cultural Materials) coding Protocol coding Domain and taxonomic coding

3.1.7. Theming the data

4. Second Cycle Coding Methods

4.1. Pattern Coding

4.2. Focused coding

4.3. Axial coding

4.4. Theoretical coding

4.5. Elaborative coding

4.6. Longitudinal coding

5. Post-coding/pre-writing

6. Exercises