Top 4 favourite Dota Characters.

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Top 4 favourite Dota Characters. by Mind Map: Top 4 favourite Dota Characters.

1. Broodmother

1.1. 1Spin Web 9 Spin Web 2 Spawn Spiderlings 10 Incapacitating Bite 3 Spawn Spiderlings 11 Insatiable Hunger 4 Spin Web 12 Incapacitating Bite 5 Spawn Spiderlings 13 Incapacitating Bite 6 Insatiable Hunger 14 Incapacitating Bite 7 Spawn Spiderlings 15 Bonus Stats 8 Spin Web 16 Insatiable Hunger

1.2. Normal push build _ This is quite balanced build. Early push and focus on carry ability later on. _ Early Game: 1-8 _ This is your laning phase, so put set of webs on lane and focus on lasthittng, get your core items and start to push hard. Beware of gang thought, the enemy team is not gonna let your farm, so set of wards to see incoming gang by your support would be pretty handy. _ Mid Game: 8-15 _ Now focus on destroying towers, good way is to find lone lane (best are bot and top) and farm your core extension items. Don't forget to scout with spiders, 'cause enemies are gonna defend hard. If you can't push, then go jungle. _ Late Game: 15-25 This is your time to carry. It isn't such hard after all. Go into battle, turn on BKB and ulti and attack. Don't forget to farm/push when you have time.

2. Shadow Fiend

2.1. Skill Build: Level 1: Necromastery Level 2: Shadowraze Level 3: Shadowraze Level 4: Necromastery Level 5: Shadowraze Level 6: Necromastery Level 7: Shadowraze Level 8: Necromastery Level 9: Requiem of Souls Level 10: Stats Level 11: Requiem of Souls Level 12: Presence of the Dark Lord Level 13: Presence of the Dark Lord Level 14: Presence of the Dark Lord Level 15: Presence of the Dark Lord Level 16: Requiem of Souls Level 17-25: Stats

2.2. Various Tips: Take the Mid Solo. For the early game, it's about 75% Farm and 25% Gank. Runewhore as much as you can. Farm a lot for the first 30 minutes, then focus on pushing. Never over farm. Start pushing once you have BKB and preferably Dagger/Lothars on top of Boots of Travel. Dealing massive amounts of AoE damage in teamfights is what you do. Last but not least...Practice Makes Perfect.

3. Life Stealer

3.1. PROS : - The skill that allows you to fight heavy tanks and survive to tell about it - The skill that grants you magic immunity and attack speed - The skill that slows the enemy and heals anyone who attacks the enemy - The skill that hides you in creeps, allows you to kill them, regenerate HP and nuke in a 700 AOE - The skill that... Very decent Agility and Intelligence growth - Superb casting animation - Good starting Strength (Only Doom and Treant Protector have a better starting Strength in DotA...) - Rather easy last hits - Above average movespeed ; you're a TD after all ! - Destroying enemy tanks is a huge ego and morale booster ! CONS : - In order to improve armor penetration, fights enemy tanks at effective range for its attacks, i.e. is melee - Rather low Strength gain for a Strength hero - No true escape mechanism - No stun - Low starting armor

3.2. The laning build : 1. Rage/Open Wounds/Feast 2. Feast/Rage/Open Wounds 3. Feast/Rage 4. Open Wounds/Rage 5. Feast/Rage 6. Infest 7. Feast/Rage 8. Rage/Feast 9. Rage/Feast 10. Rage/Feast 11. Infest 12. Open Wounds 13. Open Wounds 14. Open Wounds 15. Stats 16. Infest 17-25. Stats

4. Enigma

4.1. Pros: • very good jungling capabilities • 2nd highest int gain • high str gain • high starting armor • a very fast farmer • very good at ganking early • synergy with every AOE spellcasters • item independant • can out-level and out-farm a solo hero Cons: • low starting strength • has a lot of mana issues • very fragile, even with his str gain • ultimate has a long cooldown and is channeling • very vulnernable to disables

4.2. Level 1 Demonic Conversion Level 2 Malefice Level 3 Demonic Conversion Level 4 Malefice Level 5 Demonic Conversion Level 6 Black Hole Level 7 Demonic Conversion Level 8 Malefice Level 9 Malefice Level 10 Midnight Pulse/Stats Level 11 Black Hole Level 12 Midnight Pulse Level 13 Midnight Pulse Level 14 Midnight Pulse Level 15 Stats/Midnight Pulse Level 16 Black Hole

5. Pros and Cons