Tips for the Fresher's week

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Tips for the Fresher's week by Mind Map: Tips for the Fresher's week

1. Participate in Campus Activities

1.1. Develop your personality

1.2. Join projects, clubs or societies

1.3. Meet new people

2. First days are important

2.1. Meet the most new people

2.2. Introduction to studies

2.2.1. Structure of the subject

2.2.2. Types of tests

2.2.3. Projects to do

3. Organisation

3.1. Create a study timetable

3.1.1. incorporating classes

3.1.2. incorporating study time

3.1.3. incorporating other activities

4. Discover the University Campus

4.1. Familiarise with the Campus

4.2. Find where is the classroom

5. Step Outside your Comfort Zone

5.1. Try something new

5.2. Don't be afraid to ask a question

5.2.1. To teachers

5.2.2. To classmates

5.2.3. Don't want to look smarter

5.3. Organise study groups

6. Diversity

6.1. Mix of people

6.1.1. all ages

6.1.2. all races

6.1.3. all nationalities

6.1.4. all ideologies

6.2. Don't prejudge anyone

6.3. Learn from others

6.4. Make new friends

7. Try to speak your Teacher Language

7.1. The way of explaining

7.2. The way of organising concepts

7.3. The way of resolving problems

7.4. The way of communicating