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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Development of Learning Plan including Content & Support

1.1. Steps for Developing: 1s,t Define and develop the content needed to support the learner in the performance tasks. 2nd, Create the overall learning plan with opportunities to practice skills and apply learning to real world situations.

1.2. Questions for Developing: How do I create a lesson plan? How should the content be organized? What instructor and student activities should be included? How do I provide practice for students? What media should I use when teaching? How can I present confirming and corrective feedback?

2. Implementation of Course or Training

2.1. Steps for Implementing: 1st, Understand the course plan, timeline, and learning objectives. 2nd, Ensure adequate opportunities for engaging the learners and providing feedback.

2.2. Questions for Implementing: How do I motivate students? How do I introduce the lesson? What kinds of questions are best to use? How do I use PowerPoint slides or other presentation media? How do I summarize and review each lesson or presentation? How do I use my time wisely during the lesson?

3. Evaluation of Course or Training

3.1. Steps for Evaluating: 1st, Ensure effectiveness of course or training by aligning evidence to learning objectives. 2nd, Provide the learner with opportunities to provide feedback. 3rd, Continuously evaluate course throughout the instructional design process

3.2. Questions for Evaluating: How do I know if my course has been successful? Which experts should review the materials before a course is presented to students? Which changes should be made to improve the course after it is presented?

4. Analysis of Needs, Priorities, and Learners

4.1. Steps for analysis: 1st, Analyze existing data on why this course and training is needed. 2nd, Determine who the learners are and possible motivation for learning. 3rd, Determine what the big ideas and essential questions for learning would be.

4.2. Questions for Analysis: Who your learners are? What are the overall goals you are trying to achieve? What are the overall knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that need to be taught? What is the amount and level of content needed? What resources are required and available?

5. Design of Learning Objectives and Performance Tasks

5.1. Steps for Design: 1st, Design the desired outcomes in the form of learning objectives. 2nd, Design the evidence that will be collected to determine learning through the designing of performance tasks.

5.2. Questions for Designing: How will the content and activities be sequenced, presented and reinforced? What are the objectives of each session/unit? What skills or outcomes are you hoping to achieve for each? What methodology will you use to achieve each objective? What media/resources will be used in the instruction? How will you assess the students' understanding of the material?