Creating Awareness for Your Vape Store

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Creating Awareness for Your Vape Store by Mind Map: Creating Awareness for Your Vape Store

1. Introduction

1.1. What we are covering today:

1.1.1. To manage your business information as it appears on Google properties

1.1.2. interact with customers on Google+ and reviews

1.1.3. How to get reviews on yelp

1.1.4. The importance of getting other links (how to)

1.2. Your instructors

1.2.1. Jesse

1.2.2. Jasper and Meredith

2. Google My Business

2.1. How to quickly get to the top of the Google search engine rankings (Google My Business)

2.1.1. How to Set Up Google My Business

2.1.2. Pimping Your Profile

2.2. Google My Business Posts

2.3. Examples of Google My Business Posts

3. Other Link Building

3.1. Yelp

3.1.1. Importance of

3.1.2. Your Listing

3.2. Citations for Local SEO

3.3. Gleamio

4. Homework

4.1. Create/send a Google My Business Profile and Submit for Review

4.2. Create anInstagram Account

4.3. Buy Sell Trade (How Many Groups)

4.4. Extra Credit: Make a Checklist - Post on Instagram

4.5. Do some simple SEO on your website

5. Next Class

6. Social Media

6.1. Instagram

6.1.1. Cleveland Vape

6.2. Offline

6.2.1. Farmers Market

6.3. Facebook Algorithm Change

7. You Tube

8. Getting a Customer to Refer/Review

8.1. After purchase email

8.2. Counter Sign

9. Blog/Content

9.1. keyword focused

9.2. information vs. commercial keywords

9.3. Content Upgrade

9.3.1. Ex. How to Make Your Own E-Liquids Upgrade: Our list of E-liquid flavor suppliers

9.3.2. Example without content upgrade