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Mail Search Page by Mind Map: Mail Search Page

1. Look and feel

1.1. Does it have an Aconex feel?

1.2. Does it have a smooth customer experience?

2. Do all search boxes work as required?

2.1. Can you sort by each column?

2.1.1. Ascending

2.1.2. Descending

2.2. Can you do a search in each column?

2.2.1. Correct results returned

2.2.2. Special Characters (%&_ etc) within the text return the correct results

2.2.3. Can you still sort? Asending Descending

2.2.4. foreign characters like 分 or ϋ

2.3. Can you do a combined search?

2.3.1. Correct results are returned

2.3.2. Can you still sort? Ascending Descending

3. Add/Remove Columns

3.1. Can you add columns

3.2. Can you remove columns

3.3. Can you order the columns in view

4. Time zones

4.1. If you change the time zone do the dates change if necessary