The Periodic Table of Elements

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The Periodic Table of Elements by Mind Map: The Periodic Table of Elements

1. Periodic Law

1.1. Mendeleev - States that when elements are arranged according to their atomic numbers, elements with similar properties appear at regular intervals.

2. History

2.1. 1869

2.1.1. Dmitri Mendeleev - Russian Chemist Develops first orderly arrangement of Periodic Table based on atomic mass.

2.2. 1909

2.2.1. Henry Mosely - English Chemist Rearranges the Periodic Table based on the elements' atomic number

3. Organization

3.1. Elements in each column have same number of valence electrons.

3.1.1. Valence electrons are found in the outermost shell of an atom. Elements with the same number of valence electrons react in similar ways. Valence electrons determine the atom’s chemical properties.

3.2. Vertical columns = Group.

3.2.1. Elements in a group share chemical properties.

3.3. Horizontal rows = Periods. Elements in the same period have the same number of occupied energy levels.

3.3.1. Elements in same period have the same number energy levels.

3.4. Essential Information Listed on Periodic Table for each element

3.4.1. Element Name

3.4.2. Atomic Mass

3.4.3. Atomic Number

3.4.4. Symbol

3.4.5. Electronegativity

3.4.6. Electron Configuration

4. Main Group Elements

5. Alkali Metals

6. Alkali Earth Metals

7. Halogens

8. Noble Gases

9. Hydrogen - In a class of its own!

10. Metals

10.1. Most elements on Periodic table

11. Non-Metals

12. Transition Metals

13. Metalloids

14. Periodic Trends