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Mitch Kapoor interview at SLLconf 2011 by Mind Map: Mitch Kapoor interview at SLLconf 2011
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Mitch Kapoor interview at SLLconf 2011

Lean startup philosophy counter-balance the infinite capacity of human to self-dilusion

Needed to unlearn his experience after building Lotus

Which was the right product at the right place at the right time & grew much more than expected

Innovation succeeds at specific points of equilibirium changes - when things are a about to change, not after they've changed

It usually succeeds when it doesn't use conventional thinking/perception

Social term sheet


Just like companies started to accounted for co2 footprint,

they will start be accounted not just for creating economic value, but also social value

Lean startup principles apply to non-profits just as well

From an invstor perspective:

A startup practicing lean principles has an unfair advantage against a completely equivalent startup who doesn't

There's advantage in working towards some goal, when knowing that there will be some discontinuity if the goal isn't achieved