Little Manfred

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Little Manfred by Mind Map: Little Manfred

1. Characters

1.1. Charley

1.1.1. Daughter of Grace

1.2. Alex

1.2.1. Brother of Charley

1.3. Grace

1.3.1. Husband of Alex/Charley'Father

1.4. Inga

1.4.1. Daughter of Manfred

1.5. Walter

1.5.1. Best Friend of Manfred and Godfather to Inga

1.6. Manfred

1.6.1. Wife of Jutta

1.7. Mannie/Manfred the dog

1.7.1. A Farm Dog of Alex/Charley

1.8. Charley/Alex's father

1.8.1. Wife of Grace

1.9. Marty

1.9.1. Friend of Walter

1.10. Mr Williams

1.10.1. Father of Grace

1.11. Mrs Williams

1.11.1. Mother of Grace

1.12. Jutta

1.12.1. Husband of Manfred

2. About the book

2.1. Type:Novel

2.1.1. Bildungsroman

2.2. Originally published: 2011

2.3. Original Language:English

2.4. Story set in England,near the coast

2.5. Theme

2.5.1. Friendship

2.5.2. Relationship

2.5.3. During the War

2.5.4. After the War

2.6. Thing that i have learnt form the story.

2.6.1. That war in the sea is dangerous.

2.6.2. that it was terrible for sailors on both sides in the war and about how people could help each other even if they were enemies.

2.7. Summary

2.7.1. This story starts on a wild and blustery day in 1966 on the beach.Two children, who are playing on the beach with their dog Manny meet two gentleman who have been to the World Cup final. Through the dog they get talking and discover that one of the men had lived, as a prisoner of war, with the children's mother. Before he returned to Germany he and his best friend had made a little wooden dog on wheels for her. The dog got its name, Manfred, from the other German prisoner of war.The story tells the story of the two prisoners.this also tells us a lot about how terrible it was for sailors on both sides in the war and about how people could help each other even if they were enemies.

3. About the Author

3.1. The author name is Michael Morpurgo

3.2. Born: 5 October 1943 (age 74), St Albans

3.3. He has written over 100 books

3.4. Some books by Michael Morpurgo

3.4.1. War Horse

3.4.2. Private Peaceful

3.4.3. Kensuke's Kingdom

3.4.4. The Butterfly Lion