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Feminism by Mind Map: Feminism
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Radical Feminism

overthrow the system

male supremacy

white, supremacist, capitalist, patriarchy

Liberal Feminism

equality between men & women

equal pay

equal opportunities

political reform

Gender Roles

male dominance

social construction of gender

hurts both men & women

violence against women

take back the night

realize the oppression they lead to


create change


lead/create rallies


express opinion

make people aware of not obvious forms of oppression

oppressive language

cat calls

male dominance in education

GLBT Rights

gay marriage

workplace equality

gay discrimination in offices

discrimination in hiring policies

visitation rights

inclusive gender language

sie, ze, zie, hir, hirs

End Racism

become aware of racism

celebrate cultures & identities

end discrimination



daily oppressions

Women's Rights

gender equality

reproductive rights

abortion rights

birth control

education about contraceptives


better sex education


homosexual & heterosexual couples


funding for schools

equal education for kids from all socio/economic statuses

become aware of social location

what is the configuration of your "cage"

in/out group

what are your privileges and what do they lead to?