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1. Structure Technology

2. Hurricane Simulation Game

3. Saffir-Simpson Scale

4. Scale Fill-in-the-blanks speed and surge

5. Levees

6. Create a Mind Map showing the development of a hurricane

7. Hurricane development

8. Volcanoes

9. Students will create an app using appypie to create a child's introduction to the science of volcanoes comparing the types of volcanoes and how they form.

10. Create a scale model of one type of volcano on the 3-D printer.

11. Natural Disasters

12. Latest Earthquakes

13. Earthquakes 101 | National Geographic

14. Using the "Latest Earthquakes" link, develop a presentation on one of the most recent Earthquakes. Include geographical location on a map, proximity to a tectonic plate boundary, and magnitude. Research further to share the impact on the surrounding population. Presentation will be posted on Students must respond to a minimum of 5 other presentations with observations or questions.

15. Tornadoes 101 | National Geographic

16. Tornado Review Maze