the khalji dynasty

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the khalji dynasty by Mind Map: the khalji dynasty

1. alauddin khalji

1.1. introduction

1.1.1. jalaluddin firuz khalji(predecessor of aluaddin khalji)was treacherously murdered by his ambitious nephew, juna khan

1.1.2. later he ascended the throne as alauddin khalji in 1296ce

1.2. conquests

1.2.1. north gujrat rajasthan ranthambore chittor mandu ujjain chanderi malwa

1.2.2. south deccan led by malik khafur

1.3. alauddin and the mongols

1.3.1. the mongols attacked him from 1297-1298ce

1.3.2. some steps to deal with the mongols he reorganised defences in punjab he built new forts the king of dipalpur ghiyasuddin tughlaq was an able ruler he raised a powerful and centralised standing army and they were equipped for all offensive and defensive purposes in 1305ce the mongols came to delhi but alauddin crushed the mongols

1.4. aluaddin and the nobility

1.4.1. how he dealt with the nobles he made a spy system he prohibited people to drink wine he regulated marriage with the nobles he revised the taxation system

1.5. alauddin's market reforms

1.5.1. famous for his market policy

1.5.2. alauddin controlled the prices of goods

1.5.3. the prices of all the commodities were fixed

1.5.4. weights and measures were effectively standardised

1.5.5. state warehouses were set up

1.6. military reforms

1.6.1. he introduced the system of branding horses

1.6.2. nobles were not allowed to maintain an army

1.6.3. the army was paid in cash

1.6.4. alauddin kept in touch with the army

1.7. revenue administration

1.7.1. land was measured

1.7.2. land revenue was increased

1.7.3. there were special revenue officers

1.8. a patron of art and learning

1.8.1. the famous poet amir khusrau lived in his court

1.8.2. the alai darwaza was added as an entrance to the qutb minar

2. decline

2.1. alauddin khalji died in 1316

2.2. khafur acted like his son and got murdered in war

2.3. the last kalji ruler qutbuddin mubarak shah was murdered by his chief minister ghiyasuddin tughlaq, the first ruler of the tughlaq dynasty