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Maw & Paw's Pot Shop by Mind Map: Maw & Paw's Pot Shop

1. Who can I get advice from in order to fully start?

1.1. Marijuana Dispensaries

1.1.1. Find out from the top veteran dispensaries the positives and negatives of owning one. NativeRoots LivWell

1.1.2. Find out benefits of owning or renting property and grow houses Harborside Health Center

1.1.3. Grow marijuana on sight? or in lab? The Green Dragon

1.2. Marijuana Friendly Yoga studios

1.2.1. How do they best combine marijuana with their practice?

1.2.2. Benefits? Safety Issues? Goda Yoga Marijuasana

1.2.3. Morning vs. Night classes

1.3. Vegan/ Gluten Free Edible Shops

1.3.1. Benefits and downfalls of cooking/baking diet friendly products. Julie's Natural Edibles

1.3.2. Oils? Butters? Milk? Best ways to correctly infuse marijuana for best quality Eat Your Cannabis Verdelux Chocolate

1.3.3. I don't know exactly where or how to start. Knowledge is power; if you are the smartest person in the room, you"re in the wrong room.

2. My Big Idea

2.1. I want to own my own dispensary people can go to in order to relax while enjoying the health benefits of marijuana

2.1.1. Edibles Cafe Infused Teas and Coffees (lattes, capp., etc. available) Vegan/GF options available Salty/ Sweet options. All homemade Breakfast, brunch, late lunch

2.1.2. Yoga/ Meditation classes Separate back room. Plenty of space. Vape Pens and Pre-Rolls available before/during and after session

2.1.3. Flowers/Waxes available Pre-rolled available for enjoyment in edible cafe Station to enjoy waxes, shatter, etc

2.1.4. Convenient for all 3 to be in one spot Able to relax, purchase, and enjoy in one place Not risking the chance of smoking and driving

2.1.5. Great Social setting for cannabis users Clean Air Act- prevents smokers of any kind to do so in public settings including restaurants and certain bars. Safe Haven to enjoy purchases

2.1.6. Want to start it in Colorado and expand as marijuana becomes decriminalized. California Oregon Washington

2.1.7. Membership Fee Does not have to be in membership to enter Deals and Discounts included Membership fees go towards other marijuana entrepreneurs get a start at their dreams

3. STAR Moment

3.1. How can our industry expand when we don't expand our minds into new ideas?

3.2. Show examples of some edibles made

3.2.1. Edibles will have obvious logo stating "marijuana infused"

3.3. Every bit of relaxation needed, all in one place. Why drive around town to find medical peace?

4. Beginning

4.1. Who am I? (No longer than 5ish minutes)

4.1.1. Born and raised in New Jersey, moved to Florida by age 12

4.1.2. Age 18 caught with marijuana first time. Caught again at 19 Began abusing prescription pills while on probation Clean 3 years after finding relief in my anxiety/ depression with marijuana Criminalizing people for having a natural remedy cure only makes the drug war worse.

4.1.3. Always want to help spread awareness of medical benefits Cannabis Training University Graduate I really just want to help get rid of this strong stigma that has been put on an innocent plant for too long. It has helped me realize despite my hurts, habits, and hang-ups, that I could find peace of mind without man made chemicals.

4.2. How do our stories match?

4.2.1. We realize the Marijuana Industry is a fast growing expanding business that can really make a change to this world.

4.2.2. Wanting to find natural remedies and help customers find their answer, whether to relax,, eat, sleep, wake up, deal with a disorder/disease etc.

4.2.3. Help get rid of the stigma marijuana has by evangelizing it's health benefits

4.2.4. Wanting "safe havens" for people to enjoy their purchases without being harassed

4.3. Why Maw and Paw Pot Shop?

4.3.1. I wanted my customers to have the same feeling of safety as if they were going over to a family member's home. I want to help make people feel comfortable and realize how wonderfully beneficial this plant can be for everyday life. Many other dispensaries have the same cold feeling that normally don't give the comfort vibe, and that's really how I wanted to stand out.

5. Middle

5.1. What do I bring to the table?

5.1.1. Good communication skills

5.1.2. Awareness of medical marijuana benefits and their different strains

5.1.3. Leadership skills to help team members get on the same page

5.2. I believe, being someone who has a criminal drug record and past, marijuana is a sacred plant with so many help benefit that help provide, to all walks of life, a feeling of relaxation, natural healing, and hope for less pharmaceutical abuse.

5.3. I was in the service industry for over 7 years, my job was to adhere to my customers with a smile and knowledge of the menu, I want to help my future customers with a real smile and real knowledge into the world of Marijuana

6. End

6.1. "We all have the same ideas, the same hopes, the same dreams for this fast growing industry. However, there is a war and we're not always winning the battles. I want to help make the concept of marijuana consumption normalized. I want to be able to one day see marijuana prescriptions being handed out instead of the 50 pills we take for one cure. I want to help make people feel right at home when they step into Maw and Paw's Pot Shop. I just want to help heal people every day, help them find peace amidst the chaos. I hope you all have the same hopes and aspirations I do."

7. Who is my audience?

7.1. Marijuana Investors

7.1.1. CanopyBoulder Seed-stage business accelerator focused on ancillary products and services in the legal cannabis industry. Referred to as "not touching the plant" Provide capital (up to $70k), Includes a 16-week mentor-driven bootcamp and critical knowledge of the industry In return for a 6-9.5% equity stake.

7.1.2. Salveo Capital Salveo Fund I Target corpus of between $15 million and $25 million Investment space in early stage businesses that want to: increased yield technologies and services Novel Genetics proprietary formulations for processing flower to meet unique conditions powerful branding with strong value propositions Three of their invested companies were awarded as the Trailblazers of 2017 in 3 separate categories Headset (Business Intelligence) Front Range Biosciences (Next Gen Cultivation) Wurk (Compliance)

7.1.3. Casa Verde Capital Ancillary investment capital. Calvin "Snoop Dogg" Broadus: Partial Owner Helped raise 25 million dollars for entrepreneurs to be able to start their businesses Investments include agtech, health & wellness, financial services, technology, media, compliance, laboratory technology, etc. Eaze Trellis Merry Jane Green Bits Leaflink CapitalG

8. Media Communications Degree

8.1. Media Entrepreneuership

8.1.1. Explained the basics of entrepreneurship and evolving business models for media

8.2. Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

8.2.1. learned how leadership and organizational structures affect human behavior within organizations

8.3. Integrated Marketing

8.3.1. Explore promotional methods strategically designed to reinforce brand contact with target markets and stakeholders Provided strategies making and building effective teams and encouraged to explore the difficulties, compromises, and rewards of collaboration. Able to keep up with today's technology and social media advertising

8.3.2. examined the integration of marketing channels and public relations by using digital media to develop strategies and creative campaigns