Big Data and Learning Analytics Discussion

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Big Data and Learning Analytics Discussion by Mind Map: Big Data and Learning Analytics Discussion

1. The Design of Online Discussion Platforms

1.1. Facebook-like features for more interactions

1.2. Word limit: 200 words?

1.3. Content: raising questions

2. Using Learning Analytics

2.1. How do we deal with DATA?

2.1.1. Love the kitties!

2.1.2. Construct frameworks

2.1.3. Showing the right data to the right person at the right time People might get overwhelmed or misuse date without logical reasoning

2.1.4. Overreliance on big data: correctly analyze its value. Contextualize learning analytics in student learning goals Comparison with traditonal methods Profit-driven business models give us suggestion based on our clicks

2.1.5. The human side of data More PD to make sense of data Visualize evidence to convince users More scaffolding

2.2. Not that easy: data analysis as a new type of digital literacy: educators need help!

2.3. Challenge and problems: access to presentable data

2.4. The benefits and concerns of using online forum to analyze student learning

2.5. Do EDM and LA methods really predict what we like? (collaborative filtering)

2.5.1. The role of LA as a feedback tool rather than an interest advisor.

2.6. Connecting to our own studies and life experience

2.6.1. Do schools care about data??

2.6.2. take-ways from Business world

2.6.3. Principled Practical Knowledge

2.7. Feedback as the core element in LA

2.8. LA is only one tools in the box

3. Blended Learning

3.1. Keep eyes on both sides

3.2. Offline feedback as a big challenge

3.3. The balance should adapt to the demands of today's learners