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Holocaust Project by Mind Map: Holocaust Project
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Holocaust Project

"We are all different; because of that, each of us has something different and special to offer and each and every one of us can make a difference by not being indifferent." - Henry Friedman: Chairman of the Holocaust Education Center, Washington.

The Holocaust was one of the most tragic and horriffic events to ever occur in history

Over 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust

1.5 Million of the Jews were children

Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany in 1933

Hitler believed in the "Perfect Aryan" race, which consisted of Blonde hair, blue eyes.

It is believed that the reason for why Hitler targeted out the Jewish race is because he placed the blame of the downfall of Germany during World War 1 on them, and he proclaimed that it was their fault.

If anyone did not meet Hitlers standards of the "Perfect Race", they were either immediately shot, brutally beaten, or sent to one of Hitlers Concentration camps, where many were eliminated thorugh being burned alive, or placed in a gas chamber.

The deadliest Concentration or "Death" camp of them all was Auschwitz.