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Company description by Mind Map: Company description
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Company description

  OpenERP interview by Frontware International OpenERP Implementation Projet     Pre-Analysis Proposal

Basic Description

Company name, Address,...

Company Name:



Tax identification:

Key employees

Key employees and contacts for ERP Analysis and Integration Considered as VIP for ERP project


Director,CEO, Managing director, ...

ERP Manager

Responsible for ERP in the Enterprise


Financial director

Other ...

Any other key employee?


Description of all departments in the company


After Sale Service

Is there an after Sale Service?


Human Resources



Other department(s)

Functionnal Range

OpenERP functionalities expected  Which functionalities of OpenERP does the customer wants to be implemented? OpenERP offers many functionalities grouped in main modules like: HR, Accounting, Project, CRM, Production, POS, ... All modules use the same database but it is recommended to activate only the module the cmpany which to use. Other modules can always be activated later.


Project management

Purchase management

Human Resources

Commonly called HR



Manufacturing resource planning

Other specific needs

OpenERP proposes 1000 modules, specific needs like hotel, hospital, restaurant, ... management maybe requiered

Company on the market

How is the company positionned on his business market



How is company positionned on the market?

Products / Services

What is the business of the company? What are the products or services sold?


List of different kind of services sold by the company


List of different kind of services sold by the company


Important numbers  These numbers are very important to give Frontware a good idea on the size of the business

Employees: __

How many employees in the Enterprise?

Products: __

How many different products are managed by the company?

Entreprises: __

Number of sites? Shops? Factories?

Orders per month: __

Sales volume per month

Users: __

How many poeple will use OpenERP?

Customers: __

How many customers will be handled by OpenERP?

Suppliers: __

How many suppliers will be handled by OpenERP?


Links & Relationships with partners: Customers & Suppliers

Suppliers type

Customers type


Can access data? Portal? Extranet? Not talking about company Home page, but portal like extranet to share data with suppliers and/or customers Some data will have to come from ERP? Shop Online? After sale?

Current Systems

Actual softwares Description of the actual situation about software used in the Enterprise Inventory of all softwares used in the company that could be replaced by OpenERP or that have to be connected to OpenERP (Import/Export, ...)

Communication: __


What application/software is used?


What application/software is used?



Meeting, Interview details

Frontware representative:

Frontware"s employee name(s) who conducted the interview

Meeting date:

Date/time of the meeting/interview

Meeting attendees:

List of person who participated to the interview/meeting

Meeting location:

Location: customer site, Frontware, ..?

Next date step:

Date the customer will receive Pre-Analysis Proposal based on result of the interview. Note the email address or address where to send the reort and the proposal. Respect date = respect customer